Private Sip & Shop. Beverage is provided. Three exclusive specials will be made available to the group. Call the store or stop in to schedule during any available day/time, except Sundays. Minimum of four is required.

Wine Toasting

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Check out our Closeout Closet. We’re located inside The Shops on West Ridge, 3200 W.jpg

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Our Story

Past, Present, and Future

Deborah Jean & Co. was founded in 1990 by Deb Dishaw-Smith in Rochester, NY.  It has since made its way to becoming recognized as an affordable & unique Women's Fashion Boutique. With our wide selection of current fashion, from sizes XS - Plus sizes, you’ll want to visit our store and check out our latest seasonal collection before all the good stuff is gone. We’re highly committed to customer satisfaction and go out of our way to make sure you're happy.

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Holiday Hours

Friday 11/19/21 10a-5p

Saturday 11/20/21 10a-4p

Sunday 11/21/21 CLOSED

Monday 11/22/21 CLOSED

Tuesday 11/23/21 10a-6p

Wednesday 11/24/21 10a-2p

Thursday 11/25/21 CLOSED

Friday 11/26/21 10a-6p

Saturday 11/27/21 10a-6p

Sunday 11/28/21 10a-2p

Monday 11/29/21 CLOSED

Tuesday 11/30/21 10a-6p

Wednesday 12/1/21 10a-6p

Thursday 12/2/21 10a-8:30p

Friday 12/3/21 10a-6p

Saturday 12/4/21 10a-5p

Sunday 12/5/21 10a-2p

Monday 12/6/21 CLOSED

Tuesday 12/7/21 10a-6p

Wednesday 12/8/21 10a-6p

Thursday 12/9/21 10a-6p

Friday 12/10/21 10a-6p

Saturday 12/11/21 10a-5p

Sunday 12/12/21 10a-2p

Monday 12/13/21 CLOSED

Tuesday 12/14/21 10a-6p

Wednesday 12/15/21 10a-6p

Thursday 12/16/21 10a-6p

Friday 12/17/21 10a-6p

Saturday 12/18/21 10a-5p

Sunday 12/19/21 10a-2p

Monday 12/20/21 CLOSED

Tuesday 12/21/21 10a-6p

Wednesday 12/23/21 10a-6p

Thursday 12/24/21 10a-6p

All other times by chance or appointment.
626 Park Avenue
Rochester, NY 14607
(585) 622-9007


Contact Us

(585) 622-9007 or Text (585) 748-8870

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